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Graduated from Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay, Prakash Kumar Ojha is the part of Chemistry faculty. From his own experience his favorite chemistry teachers made the lessons really good fun and he clearly remember them being slightly wacky.Through his teaching of Chemistry he has found that the most learning takes place when he has related the topics to everyday examples so the students can see how it can be useful to them. Using the “big picture” also helps to engage the students. His students have gained different amounts from his practical lessons. He has already started to develop how he uses practical work in his teaching, either setting the scene for a practical in the lesson before or consolidating it in the lesson after. This has helped the students link his lessons together and form a “story”, rather than seeing practicals as standalone lessons. He feels that this method of teaching is a good feature of a good chemistry teacher.

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Speaking to his students they are clear about what they want from a good chemistry teacher. They want clear explanations and excellent subject knowledge.  The A-level students he spoke to said they find it very helpful when their teacher applies their work to many different examples and uses a variety of sources to broaden their knowledge. The students thoroughly enjoy these and find it most helpful when the teacher is circulating around the room helping them out and checking their methods.

The numerical approach too are majestic and the tricks he uses to simplify the toughest questions are quite appreciable. Chemistry is a scoring and this man exactly knows how to grasp all those gifts. Mr. Prakash never misses a chance to deliver the best knowledge he has. Even the power point presentations used in the class make students life easier and help them in better understanding of the subject.

Currently teaches at Motion IIT JEE, Kota


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+91-7442209671, +91-8003899588, +91-9314187482
394, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Kota - 324005 (Rajasthan)


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