IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi preferred by toppers… again!!!

Following analysis provides information about how IITs were selected by different rank holders

Surprisingly, this year, among the top 500 rank holders, there has been an increase of over 60 percent students opting for admission at IIT Bombay, while IIT Delhi has witnessed an increase of over 40 per cent candidates as compared to last year. As per IIT officials, in the academic year 2016-17, as many as 164 candidates chose IIT Bombay as their preferred IIT, while 142 preferred to pursue B.Tech from IIT Delhi, however, in 2015-16, a total of 142 candidates chose IIT Bombay, while IIT Delhi had 110 toppers out of top 500.

This also means that in the academic session 2016-17, out of the total 500 toppers, over 42 per cent chose IIT Bombay as their preferred institute, while over 30 per cent chose IIT Delhi for B.Tech admissions.

Institute-wise admission of top 500 JEE Advanced rankers (2016 Vs 2015):

S.No. Institute Top 500 rankers (2016) Top 500 rankers (2015)
1 IIT Bombay 164 142
2 IIT Delhi 131 110
3 IIT Kanpur 56 74
4 IIT Madras 53 48
5 IIT Kharagpur 51 51
6 IT Roorkee 37 22
7 IIT Guwahati 7 1
8 IIT Hyderabad 2 0
9 IIT BHU 1 0
10 IIT Gandhinagar 1 0

Further, out of the top 500 rankers this year, the most preferred IITs after IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi include – IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, and IIT Roorkee with 56, 53, 51 and 37 candidates respectively. The institutes lower on preference for top 500 rank holders of JEE Advanced 2016 were IIT Guwahati (7), IIT Hyderbad (2), IIT BHU and IIT Gandhinagar with 1 candidate each. Whereas, in the admission year 2015-16, after IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi, the most preferred IITs were – IIT Kanpur (74), IIT Madras (48), IIT Kharagpur (51), IIT Roorkee (22) and IIT Guwahati admitting 1 candidate. However, IIT Kanpur, which was the most preferred IIT after IIT-B and IIT-D last year, has registered a significant fall in terms of candidates getting admission in B.Tech this year. Last year a total of 74 candidates had taken admission at IIT Kanpur, while this year, the total number of candidates admitted at the institute is 56. This means that there is a fall of 25 per cent students taking admission at IIT Kanpur this year. Likewise admission year 2015-16, this year also, IIT Bombay has emerged as the top choice for IIT aspirants. However, the share of top 100 rank holders securing a seat for themselves at IIT Bombay has grown this year. According to the official data, for the admission year 2016-17, amongst the top 100 candidates, 67 opted for IIT Bombay, 28 for IIT Delhi and 5 for IIT Madras. Last year, among the top 100 rankers, 61 had opted for IIT Bombay, 30 for IIT Delhi, 3 for IIT Madras and 1 for IIT Kanpur. In the current academic year, 67 per cent toppers out of the top 100 chose IIT Bombay for admissions, while last year 61 per cent candidates had opted for IIT Bombay. On the other hand, lesser number of toppers have opted for admission at IIT Delhi this year among the top 100. In 2016, 28 per cent candidates out of the 100 have chosen IIT Delhi to study engineering, while last year, 30 per cent students had chosen IIT Delhi to pursue B.Tech. For more details, see the table below.

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