Interview – Anshul Khandelwal, IIT Kanpur

How did you prepare for the exams?

I hail from Kota, and the general atmosphere there left someone who is good at studies with little options other than JEE. I liked science and maths and so started preparing for JEE since 11th like the general junta there.
I joined Bansal Classes in 11th. I primarily tried to keep up with what was being covered at coaching, though it could not be so in 11th. In 12th, I caught up somewhat, particularly towards the end and when classes ended. As there were regular tests, one had to understand whatever was taught, at least once a month. I tried to solve the problems given in class within the time constraint, as
I did not study too rigorously with definite objective. In 12th, I also solved problems from other books to have good command over the subject. Finally, I mastered the weak topics after coaching has ended. I had no special motivation to enter into IIT. It happened just like that, by God’s grace. My life was deeply spiritual since long back.

What according to you are the best ingredient to crack the JEE?

To crack JEE, the best ingredients are regularity and sincerity. A sharp mind and focused mindset are very helpful. I had quite a sharp intellect, which could be easily polished if I applied it properly in any direction. I was regular and sincere in studies, but not very firm, especially in the beginning. With time, I began to like the study for JEE more and more.
Was it all books, tutorials and formulas or you took out time for recreation?

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