Path to IITs

Is it a 5 year journey to the IITs?

The IITs are undoubtedly among the most sought after engineering institutions in India, boasting of qualified faculty, quality research, and infrastructure and facilities that other institutes can only dream of. And, of course, then we have the students themselves who are considered the ‘crème dè la crème’. More than 3.5 lakh students give the entrance examination each year, but only 8000 actually get through. Naturally, kids start preparing long back, normally 2 years. But now-a-days a little strange but worrying trend we are seeing is the coaching classes offering courses to students in the 10th, 9th, or even 8th standard. Does JEE really require such a long period of preparation? In a bid to make a student’s future life good are parents deliberately making his present devoid of its childhood?

First, let’s get a few facts straight

IIT-JEE emphasizes on conceptual knowledge and analytical skills. In short, you can’t mug up formulas and definitions in a topic, and expect to be able to solve all JEE level questions with them. If you see a theorem, you need to ask yourself, “Why is it so?”, “Why not the other way round?”, and unless you can answer it with a logical explanation, that theorem is not really very clear to you. You should develop a “feel” of the topic in order to grasp it completely.

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