Comprehensive Physics (Set of 2 Volumes) New Edition (English, Paperback, Narinder Kumar)

UNIT I : PHYSICAL WORLD AND MEASUREME1.Introduction2.Systems of Units3.Physical World and Measurement4.Significant Figures and Errors Analysis5.Dimensional AnalysisUNIT II : KINEMATICS6.Mathematical Tools7.Uniform Motion8.Uniformly Accelerated Motion9.Vectors10.Motion in a PlaneUNIT III : LAWS OF MOTION11.Newton’s Law of Motion12.Friction13.Dynamic of Uniform Circular MotionUNTI IV : WORK, ENERGY AND POWER14.Work, Energy and PowerUNIT V : MOTION OF SYSTEM PARTICLES AND RIGID BODY15.Centre of Mass16.Rotational Mechanics and Moment of InertiaUNIT VI : GRAVITATION17.GravitationUNIT VII : PROPERTIES OF BULK MATTER18.Elasticity19.Fluids At Rest20.Fluids in Motion21.Surface Tension22.Thermal Properties of Matter23.Heat TransferUNIT VIII : THERMODYNAMICS24.First Law of Thermodynamics25.Second Law of ThermodynamicsUNIT IX : BEHAVIOUR OF PERFECT GAS AND KINETIC THEORY26.Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic TheoryUNIT X : OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES27.Oscillations28.Waves.Logarithmic and Other Tables

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • ISBN: 9788131801963, 8131801969
  • Edition: New, 2008
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