Coordinate Geometry by Ghanshyam Tewani

A variety of questions are provided for stimulating and strengthening an aspirant’s problem-solving skills. The book adopts different approaches for mastering the concepts by including a variety of exercises asked in the examination. The book includes many problems and questions from the previous years’ Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) papers. This will help the students to know about the pattern of the questions asked in the examination. Problems and exercises are provided with solutions along with answers.

Problems of all types asked in the examination are featured in the book, be it assertion reason type, MCQs (one or more than one correct), matrix match type, or paragraph-based, and thought-type questions. This book contains many fully solved concept-application exercises so that one can certainly have an understanding and application of the subject.

Since the start of the IIT-JEE there have been many changes to the methodology and examination scheme. For testing an aspirant’s aptitude, caliber, and attitude for the field of engineering, profession varied questions have been framed. The paper setting approach and pattern have changed from the subjective type problems of 1950s to the matrix match type questions of today. However, one thing that remains constant about the IIT-JEE over all these years is its objective of testing an aspirant’s understanding and grasp of the concepts of the subjects of study and their applicability at the fundamental level.

The chapters in this coordinate geometry book are Straight Lines, Parabola, Circle, Hyperbola, and Ellipse. The Appendix provides Solutions To Concept Application Exercises.


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About the Author :

Mr. Ghanshyam Tewani is the Director of GTIM Educations Pvt. Ltd.Some of his other books include Mathematics for JEE/ISEET: Calculus, Mathematics for JEE/ISEET: Algebra, Mathematics for JEE/ISEET: Trigonometry, Mathematics for JEE/ISEET: Vectors & 3D Geometry, and Mathematics In 30 Days For AIEEE 2012.

Ghanshyam Tewani has 12 years of experience in training students in Mathematics for IIT-JEE and other competitive examinations. He has worked for the renowned FIITJEE Ltd., Delhi. He is recognized as one among the best national level teachers in mathematics. Through his lectures, he aims to clear the student’s fundamental concepts in mathematics and simultaneously lay a strong foundation for better understanding of complex problems.

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