Fundamentals of Chemistry : A Must-Have Resource Book CBSE JEE and NEET-UG Sylllabi (Class – 11) 1st Edition (English, Paperback, John Lee)

This textbook based on Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee and Organic Chemistry by Solomons & Fryhle that aims to be a must-have resource for students of Class 11. The book is enriched with unique elements and features that help understand, comprehend and apply the fundamental concepts of Chemistry. It offers conceptual strength with requisite mathematical and problem-solving tools as well as interesting applications useful for project work.

The structure of Chemistry syllabus prescribed by CBSE for Class 11 broadly covers the topics: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. The original content of the books Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee and Organic Chemistry by Solomons & Fryhle corresponding to these topics has been organized to flow exactly as per the syllabus requirement. The pedagogy has been enriched with new features that support comprehension and learning in students of this level. In addition, the solved examples and the assessment questions have been supplemented with the question types as per CBSE examination pattern.

Salient Features

  • Full color Textbook with globally renowned content.
  • Complete CBSE syllabus coverage and includes the latest supplementary text.
  • Interspersed with interesting facts and applications and enriched pedagogy to support learning.
  • Worked and Practice Problems to enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Practice Book in two color with two distinct parts to target CBSE and competitive engineering (AIEEE, JEE) and medical (NEET/AIPMT) examinations.
  • Detailed Chapter Review for quick recap of concepts.
  • Adequate Worked Problems for learning the skill with solutions to Textbook exercises, NCERT exercises and previous 5 years’ AIEEE and AIPMT questions.
  • Vast collection of Practice Problems for practicing the skill.
  • Useful Appendices at the end of the Practice Book.

About the Author
John Lee was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK and has authored many books and journal articles.

T. W. Graham Solomons did his undergraduate work at The Citadel and received his doctorate in organic chemistry in 1959 from Duke University where he worked with C. K. Bradsher. Following this he was a Sloan Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Rochester where he worked with V. Boekelheide. For several years he was director of an NSF-sponsored Undergraduate Research Participation Program at USF. His research interests have been in the areas of heterocyclic chemistry and unusual aromatic compounds.
He has published papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the Journal of Organic Chemistry, and the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry. He has received several awards for distinguished teaching. His organic chemistry textbooks have been widely used for 20 years and have been translated into French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Italian.
Craig Barton Fryhle is Chair and Professor of Chemistry at Pacific Lutheran University. He earned his B.A. degree from Gettysburg College and Ph.D. from Brown University. His research interests have been in areas relating to the shikimic acid pathway, including molecular modeling and NMR spectrometry of substrates and analogues, as well as structure and reactivity studies of shikimate pathway enzymes using isotopic labeling and mass spectrometry.

His work in chemical education, in addition to textbook co-authorship, involves incorporation of student-led teaching in the classroom and technology-based strategies in organic chemistry. He has also developed experiments for undergraduate students in organic laboratory and instrumental analysis courses.

Overall Reviews

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  • Explanation
  • Questions


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Wiley India
  • ISBN: 9788126532469, 8126532467
  • Edition: 1st Edition, 2012
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