Inorganic Chemistry by Okhil K. Medhi, Ellen A. Keiter, James E. Huheey, Richard L. Keite

Table of Contents

  • What is Inorganic Chemistry?
  • The Structure of the Atom
  • Symmetry and Group Theory
  • Ionic Bonding and the Solid State
  • The Covalent Bond
  • The Structure of Molecules and Stereochemical Nonrigidity
  • Chemical Forces
  • Acid- Base Chemistry
  • Chemistry in Aqueous and Nonaqueous Solvents
  • The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Periodicity
  • The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Inorganic Chains, Rings and Cages
  • The Chemistry of the main group elements: Halogens and the Noble Gases
  • Some Descriptive Chemistry of the Metals
  • Coordination Chemistry : Bonding
  • Coordination Chemistry: Spectra and Magnetism
  • Coordination Chemistry: Structure, Isomerism and Stability
  • Coordination Chemistry: Reactions, Kinetic and Mechanisms
  • Organometallic Chemistry: Syntheses, Structure and Bonding
  • Organometallic Chemistry: Reactivity and Catalysis
  • The Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Systems

             Salient Features :  

  • Substantial rearrangement to suit the requirement of the students and teachers of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Thorough re-editing and reorganization of the chapters on chemistry of the main group elements, descriptive chemistry of metals, organometallic chemistry, solid-state chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry.
  • Addition of thermodynamic stability of complex compounds, organometallic chemistry of the main group elements, and Frost diagrams.
  • A chapter on symmetry comprising applications of symmetry (including spectroscopy and crystallography) and an introduction to point groups.
  • Reorganized and updated chapters on bonding, presenting a modern approach.

Overall Reviews

  • Examples
  • Explanation
  • Questions


  • Publisher                              Pearson India
  • Publication Year                 2006
  • ISBN-13                                9788177581300
  • ISBN-10                                8177581309
  • Language                              English
  • Edition                                  4th Edition
  • Binding                                  Paperback
  • Number of Pages                 826 Pages
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