JEE Main Physics in Just 40 Days by Saurabh A.


JEE Main Physics in Just 40 Days 4th Edition is a book authored by Saurabh.A and published by Arihant. The book comprises of mock tests and solved papers which help students in preparing for their exams. It is essential for students applying for the JEE Main and Advanced exams.

About Arihant

Arihant was founded in the year 1997 by its Founder and Chairperson Mr. Yogesh.C.Jain. Their book for IIT JEE are very popular with students and teachers. They have published several books like 20 Practice Sets Indian Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Practice Recruitment Exam, AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) (E), AIPMT (Pre-Dental Entrance Test) 2014 – 10 Practice Sets, 20 Practice Sets Indian Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Practice Recruitment Exam and 14 Years’ Solved Papers JIPMER Medical.

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Table of Contents

Preparing JEE Main 2014 Physics in 40 Days
Day 1. Physics and Measurement
Day 2. Kinematics
Day 3. Scalars and Vectors
Day 4. Laws of Motion
Day 5. Circular Motion
Day 6. Work, Energy and Power
Day 7. Rotational Motion
Day 8. Rigid Body
Day 9. Gravitation
Day 10. Unit Test 1 (Mechanics)
Day 11. Oscillations
Day 12. Waves
Day 13. Unit Test 2 (Waves and Oscillations)
Day 14. Properties of Matter
Day 15. Heat and Thermodynamics
Day 16. Transfer of Heat
Day 17. Unit Test 3 (General Properties of Matter)
Day 18. Electrostatics
Day 19. Current Electricity
Day 20. Unit Test 4 (Electrostatics & Current Electricity)
Day 21. Magnetic Effect of Current
Day 22. Magnetism
Day 23. Electromagnetic Induction
Day 24. Alternating Current
Day 25. Electromagnetic Waves
Day 26. Unit Test 5 (Magnetostatics, EMI & AC, EM Wave)
Day 27. Ray Optics
Day 28. Optical Instruments
Day 29. Wave Optics
Day 30. Unit Tests 6 (Optics)
Day 31. Dual Nature of Matter
Day 32. Atoms
Day 33. Nuclei
Day 34. Electronic Devices
Day 35. Gate Circuit
Day 36. Communication Systems
Day 37. Unit Tests 7 (Modern Physics)
Day 38. Mock Test 1
Day 39. Mock Test 2
Day 40. Mock Test 3

JEE Main Solved Paper 2013

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