New Pattern IIT-JEE Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (English) 1st Edition

1.) New Pattern IIT-JEE Mathematics
Key Features
Ever chapter consist various types of questions, single correct answer, more than one correct answer, matrix-match type, assertion & reason, etc.
More than 6,000 objective questions in different formats for practice.
Detailed solutions are provided in the end of every chapter for the help of students.
IIT JEE questions are provided at the end of the book with their answer and detailed solutions to understand well.

Table of Contents
1. Complex Numbers
2. Theory of Equations
3. Sequences and Series
4. Permutations and Combinations
5. Binomial Theorem
6. Determinants
7. Matrices
8. Logarithms and Their Properties
9. Probability
10. Functions
11. Limits
12. Continuity and Differentiability
13. Differential Coefficient
14. Application of Derivatives
15. Monotonocity, Rolles and Mean Value Theorems
16. Maxima and Minima
17. Indefinite Integration
18. Definite Integration
19. Areas
20. Differential Equations
21. Straight Lines
22. Pairs of Straight Lines
23. Circle
24. Parabola
25. Ellipse
26. Hyperbola
27. Three Dimensional Geometry
28. Trigonometrical Ratios and Identities
29. Trigonometric Equations
30. Inverse Circular
31. Solution of Triangles
32. Vectors

2.) New Pattern IIT JEE Physics
Introduction: New Pattern IIT JEE Physics

1. General Physics and Vectors
2. Kinematics
3. Laws of Motion
4. Work, Power and Energy
5. Centre of Mass, Impulse and Momentum
6. Rotation
7. Gravitation
8. Simple Harmonic Matter
9. Properties of Matter
10. Waves
11. Heat and Thermodynamics
12. Optics
13. Current Electricity
14. Electrostatics
15. Magnetic
16. Electromagnetic Induction
17. Modern Physics
IIT JEE Question (2008-2010)

3.) New Pattern IIT JEE Chemistry
Introduction: New Pattern IIT JEE Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry

1. Atoms, Molecules and Ions
2. Chemical Equations and Reaction Stoichiometry
3. Oxidation-Reduction
4. Stoichiometric-II (Volumetric)
5. Radioactivity
6. Co-ordination Compounds
7. Chemical Bonding
8. Periodic Table and Periodicity
9. s-Block Elements
10. p-Block Elements
11. d-and f-block Elements
12. Hydrogen and its compounds
13. Metallurgical Extraction
14. Inorganic Salt Analysis

Physical Chemistry

1. Measurements
2. Atomic Structure
3. Gaseous State
4. Solutions and Colligative Properties
5. Kinetics
6. Chemical Equilibrium
7. Thermodynamics
8. Thermochemistry
9. Ionic Equilibria
10. Electrochemistry
11. Liquid State
12. Surface Chemistry
13. Solid State.

Organic Chemistry

1. Elemental Analysis
2. Nomenclature
3. Stereo chemistry
4. Reaction Mechanism
5. Alkanes
6. Alkenes
7. Alkynes
8. Alkyl Halides
9. Alcohols
10. Ethers, Oxiranes and Polyhydric Alcohols
11. Carbonyl Compounds (Alphabetic Aldihydes and Ketones)
12.Carboxylic Acids
13.Functional Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids
16. Aromatic Compounds
18.Amino Acids
19. Practical Organic Chemistry

Overall Reviews

  • Examples
  • Explanation
  • Questions


  • Publisher                                                  Arihant Publications
  • Publication Year                                   2012
  • ISBN-13                                                    9785111129105
  • ISBN-10                                                    5111129105
  • Language                                                  English
  • Edition                                                       1stEdition
  • Binding                                                      Paperback
  • Number of Pages                                  2559 Pages
  • Exam                                                          JEE Main & Advanced
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  • 24-07-2015
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the book is good but they must add more questions to that and more mock papers.The book is fully based upon the problem solving of the IIT and AIEEE papers of past years. and the book is fully complete in telling the question pattern and also fully successful in providing the students the best solutions.

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