Plancess JEE Mains and Advanced Complete course – Video Lectures (USB) + Study Material (Print) + Preplane (Online)- 2017

Study Material:

  • 5500+ pages of study material developed by Top 100 IIT-JEE Rankers
  • Comprehensive theory covering all Topics with Examples, Illustrations and Derivations
  • 5000+ Solved Examples and 3500+ previous years Solved Questions of IIT-JEE and AIEEE
  • Around 9000+ Easy, Medium and Hard level Exercises in all topics
  • Plethora of questions that gives good practice as per latest JEE pattern.

Video Lectures:

  • 330 hours of powerful video lectures
  • Eleven Top IIT Rankers – Solving all the problems of each topic of your class XI and XII
  • Each Topic Is Divided In to two levels
  • Foundations Level or Theory: Extensive and chapter-wise Theory + solved questions to develop basic understanding.
  • Advanced Level Or Questions : Conceptual and Tricky questions solved to provide deeper insight.

Online Testseries:

  • 10 JEE Advanced and 10 JEE Main Model Tests
  • 10 IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced) and 13 AIEEE (JEE Main) Previous Years Solved Papers
  • 2000+ Questions in Chapter Based Question Bank for JEE Main
  • Create customized tests from amongst 6000+ Questions
  • 5 JEE Main (11th) and 5 JEE Main (12th) Class Syllabus Tests
  • 5Individual Question Report with brief explanations
  • Exhaustive Pool of Online Resources
  • Rank generated for all tests.

Key Features

  • Top 100 IIT JEE rankers material
  • Video lectures delivered by AIR(7, 11, 21, 22 etc,.)
  • More than 9000 unsolved questions
  • Notes and Tactics of problem solving from Top 100 IIT JEE rankers
  • More than 5000 problems of Illustrations and solved examples

Overall Reviews

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