Problems in General Physics (English)(Paperback, I.E.Irodov)

  • This is the thoroughly revised and improved edition of the popular book, presenting a new set of problems. The book follows a constructive approach to instill the fundamentals of physics in senior secondary and undergraduate students, particularly the IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants. The problems are designed with an examination-oriented bent of mind with strict adherence to the senior secondary and undergraduate syllabi. It contains over 2000 problems and 300 formulas covering the major areas of physics Every section is preceded by a glimpse of appropriate formulas. Answers to all the problems are given at the end of chapters. The most difficult problems are provided with hints and a summary of basic physical constants and reference tables are given in Appendix. Irodov’s problems are considered the most difficult and comprehensive set of questions for self-evaluation that students can bank upon to crack the competitive examinations. Problems in General Physics is a commendable book which will help the students in establishing a strong foundation and giving a valuable strength in facing the undergraduate curriculum.

The book contains about 1900 problems with hints for solving the most complicated ones.
For students’ convenience each chapter opens with a time- saving summary of the principal formulas for the relevant area of physics. As a rule the formulas are given without detailed explanations since a student, starting solving a problem, is assumed to know the meaning of the quantities appearing in the formulas. Explanatory notes are only given in those cases when misunderstanding may arise.
All the formulas in the text and answers are in SI system, except in Part six, where the Gaussian system is used. Quantitative data and answers are presented in accordance with the rules of approximation and the numerical accuracy.
The main physical constants and tables are summarized at the end of the book.
The periodic Systems of Elements is printed at the front end sheet and the Table of elementary particles at the back sheet of the book.
The whole book is divided into 6 parts :-
Part one – Physical Fundamentals of mechanics
Part two – Thermodynamics and molecular Physics
Part three – Electrodynamics
Part four – Oscillations and waves
Part five – Optics
Part Six – Atomic and nuclear physics


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  • Publisher                        CBS
  • Publication Year           2015
  • ISBN-13                          9788123926360
  • ISBN-10                          8123926367
  • Language                        English
  • Edition                            10
  • Binding                           Paperback
  • Number of Pages           537 Pages


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