Study Package for Physics JEE Main and Advanced : General Mechanics (Set of 12 Books)

Study Package For Physics JEE Main And Advanced: General Mechanics (Set Of 12 Books) is a set of a dozen guidebooks for JEE aspirants. It provides detailed information about each Physics topic, and contains a large number of exercises and examples.

Summary Of The Book

Study Package For Physics JEE Main And Advanced: General Mechanics (Set Of 12 Books), published in 2013, is a collection of twelve books that help students prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination that is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology. From 2013, this exam has been split into two stages, namely Phase 1: JEE Main and Phase 2: JEE Advanced.

This package has been divided into four parts. The portion on Electromagnetism consists of four booklets, each having a number of chapters within. Some of the topics covered under this branch of Physics are Magnetic Effects of Current, Electrostatics, Direct Current and Electric Circuits, Capacitance, and Electromagnetic Induction. The General Mechanics part of the study package has three books, and a total of ten chapters. Here, students are introduced to Power, Gravitation, Circular Motion, Vectors, and how Maths is utilized in Physics. Wave and Ray Optics, and Modern Physics is one whole section of this set.

The two booklets that are a part of it focus on Nuclear Physics, Wave Optics, Photon, and Dispersion. The last remaining set is titled Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Heat, Thermodynamics, and Wave Motion. Booklets 4 to 6 introduce readers to Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Waves, and Simple Harmonic Motion. Every part of the collection ends with a Hints & Solutions section that provides tips, shortcuts, and techniques in order to teach candidates how to solve problems easily. Each topic in all the twelve books are comprehensively covered, and the author has incorporated many solved examples. Additionally, students will also find real-life illustrations to help them understand each concept thoroughly. Alternate methods to solve questions are also included.

Study Package For Physics JEE Main And Advanced: General Mechanics (Set Of 12 Books) contains a wide range of exercises, including MCQs, Passage based, and Subjective questions. This helps familiarize candidates with the format of the JEE. Readers will also find Revision chapters within the booklets which list out important points and formulae. This goes a long way in quickly revising the most significant portions just before the final tests. The book also contains solved examples.

Study Package For Physics JEE Main And Advanced: General Mechanics (Set Of 12 Books) is a very valuable source of knowledge for anyone preparing for the JEE.

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  • Publisher                                                             Disha Publication – New Delhi
  • Publication Year                                              2013
  • ISBN-13                                                               9789382961376
  • ISBN-10                                                               9382961372
  • Language                                                            English
  • Binding                                                                Paperback
  • Number of Pages                                             2400 Pages
  • Exam                                                                     JEE Main & Advanced
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  • Ankush Ojha
  • 21-11-2014
  • Aakash Institute, delhi
  • AA12
  • 2016
this book is very interesting to read and study explains concept clearly and take us into world of solved examples.............

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