A Textbook of Physical Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced (English) 7th Edition(Paperback, R. K. Gupta)

No study package or resource book can replace the relevance the textbooks hold. Textbooks aim at enriching equally the beginners as well as the experts. The textbooks for the preparation of various engineering entrances like JEE Main and Advanced play a crucial role in achieving success in these examinations. This textbook of physical chemistry has been designed by author having years of experience in teaching physical chemistry to engineering aspirants.

This master piece on physical chemistry has been designed to strengthen the students understanding of the essentials of physical chemistry. The concise text provides the students with a solid understanding of physical chemistry. The book has been divided into 14 chapters namely measurement, mole concept, atomic structure, gaseous state, solutions and colligative properties, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, thermodynamics, thermochemistry, ionic equilibria, electrochemistry, liquid state, surface chemistry and solid state, each divided into number of topics. The concise subject matter with detailed information on each of the topics and the additional workbook exercises will really help add to the usefulness of the book. A natural flow of the topics has been maintained to facilitate their true assimilation. Each chapter contains illustrative solved examples provided to help students master the concepts and process of physical chemistry in a better manner. The assignments have been provided to help students master the concepts and process of physical chemistry and to help students self analyze their level of preparation for the upcoming examinations.

As the book contains ample text material along with plenty of solved and unsolved problems, it is book for all engineering aspirants and all those desiring to get admission into premier engineering institutes in the country.

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  • Publisher                                        Arihant
  • Publication Year                           2014 May
  • ISBN-13                                          9789351419075
  • ISBN-10                                          935141907X
  • Language                                        English
  • Edition                                             7th
  • Binding                                           Paperback
  • Number of Pages                           658 Pages
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  • Sonam Kumari
  • 07-01-2016
  • Allen career Institute
  • MLD7H
  • 2016
If you are not good enough at physical chemistry, this is the book to go with. Although questions are not that much but still covers a lot of syllabus of boards too. Only for beginners who are starting to prepare for JEE not for question solving.

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