Theory of Counting (Permutation, Combination & Probability) for JEE Main & Advanced 1st Edition (English, Paperback, Gajendra Kumar)

  • The book Theory of Counting (Permutation, Combination & Probability) for JEE Main & Advanced 2015 delves deep into the basics of Permutation & Combination and Probability then advances into the IIT JEE level and ends up high with the International Maths Olympiad level.
  • The book provides FREE video lecture links (prepared by the author) marked in each chapter. This will be a very useful ADD ON feature for the students who face any sort of problems in basic concepts and fundamentals.
  • QR codes have been provided which will directly take you to the video with the help of your Smart phone or tablets.
  • For students other than Smart phone or tablet users links have been provided which they can access on the web.
  • Each chapter has been well explained and illustrated with numerous examples for the better understanding of the reader.
  • Each Chapter is divided in two parts –
    Part A: Basic, concept building and Board level Questions
    Part B: Difficult, IIT JEE and Maths Olympiad Questions
  • It is advisable to students that before attempting Part B of any Chapter they must solve Part A of all the chapters.
  • Quantitative problems in this book has been divided into 5 difficulty levels viz. Concept Applicator, Concept Builder, Concept Cracker, Concept Deviator, Concept Eliminator.
  • The details of the various levels are as mentioned
    1. Concept Applicator – Basic concept testing questions.
    2. Concept Builder – Concept strengthening questions.
    3. Concept Cracker – Challenging level questions.
    4. Concept Deviator – IIT JEE equivalent level questions.
    5. Concept Eliminator – International Maths Olympiad standard questions.
    The best bet is that this book is self-sufficient in itself. For the aspirants of any competitive examination like IIT JEE Main & Advanced, RMO and also Board exams etc. their quest for an overall adaptive book ends here.
  • Once the reader is able to successfully complete this book, he can be rest assured of his excellent performance on the exam day.

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Disha Publication
  • ISBN: 9789384089344, 9384089346
  • Edition: 1st, 2014
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