Vector Analysis by Shanti Narayan,P.K. Mittal

A Textbook Of Vector Analysis, written by two mathematicians, explains the important elements of vectors that are extensively used in fields like Physics and Engineering.
A Textbook Of Vector Analysis details the concept of vector analysis that contains information about the quantities with magnitude and direction, which are important in the fields of celestial navigation and electromagnetic wave theory.
The authors touch upon the basic topics related to vector analysis in the chapters of the book. The book contains chapters titled Multiplication of Vectors by Scalars, Statics with Vectors, Geometry with Vectors Affine Geometry, Addition of Vectors, Applications to Metric Geometry, Scalar Product, Vector Product and Scalar Triple Product, Some Miscellaneous Topics, Geometry with Cartesian Coordinates, Differential Operators, Vector Valued Functions of Scalar Variables, and Integral Transformations.
The readers can find many answers to their questions in A Textbook of Vector Analysis and refer to the exercises for better understanding of the concepts.


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About The Authors

Shanti Narayan was an eminent educationalist, author and a renowned mathematician.
He has written many other books such as Integral Calculus (For B.A. And B.Sc Students), Vector Algebra, A TextBook Of Matrices, Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, Elements Of Real Analysis, Analytical Solid Geometry, A Course of Mathematical Analysis.He served as the first Dean for Delhi University. He was also the Principal in Hans Raj College for 11 years.

P. K. Mittal is a teacher, author and the Dean of Graphic Era University.
His other works, some of which were co-authored with Shanti Narayan are A Textbook of Differential Geometry, Fourier Series, Transforms and Their Applications, Integral Transforms for Engineers and Physicists, Mathematical Physics, Modern Algebra for Undergraduate Students, Screening Mathematics, and Waves and Oscillations.
P. K. Mittal has an M.Sc and a Ph.D degree to his name. He is also the Dean of the Research and Development Wing in Graphic Era University, situated in Uttarakhand. He has been a teacher for undergraduate and postgraduate students for the last 43 years. Mittal has also been helping and supporting research students, of whom 15 have obtained their Ph.D. degrees. He was honored by the Ramanujan Mathematical Society. Mittal is also the Chief Editor of the Journal of Graphic Era University.

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