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(Invest Your Faith & Build Up Your Career)
ACDA the acronym stands for the ability to conquer your desired ambitions. We ensure that a high level of motivation is maintained in the students throughout the year with healthy competitive environment & individual attention.
The goal encouraged us to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the career of our students. We bridge the gap between them & their desired ambitions with our well illustrated classroom teaching & strategically planned comprehensive study material which makes sure that our students alchemize into confident Doctors & Engineers. We at ACDA are a conglomeration of professionals dedicated towards excellence.

Vision & Mission

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is nightmare”
To become a prominent educational group which work towards enlightening the spark in the students as well as in the society.
To be an institute of excellence for engineering & medical aspirants through the continuous development & application of knowledge.
To provide a healthy , distinct, disciplined environment that works towards the advancement of the society & helps the students in the achievement of their goals & objectives.

Below you can find review submitted by ex- and current students about ACDA Coaching Institute, Lucknow. Information is also available on the teachers, reviews on them, tests, courses they offer etc. The reviews will help you decide whether this is a right coaching for you to spend your money at or you should go and look for other classes which can help you succeed in IIT-JEE. We also provide latest information on test series, results and the facilities offered by the coaching, thereby helping you make an informed decision backed by reviews submitted by several of the students. You can also ask Question to our experts and other students in Q & A section below. You can read and submit reviews in the 'Reviews' tab below

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ACDA Coaching Institute, Lucknow

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Education and health are two sectors which have become essentially important in the present scenario. Though these fields have been largely commercialized but cannot be completely treated as a business. No doubt, we are more educated than before but we as a society have deteriorated in moral values which is clearly evident from the present socio-political environment of our country. Our education industries, without any doubt are producing better professionals but not better humans which is a matter of high concern. Science has evolved manifold but lesser than its misuse. We are so much busy in accumulating our means of comfort and luxury that the happiness quotient in our life is decreasing day by day. we have big houses, luxurious lifestyle, great jobs but nuclear & broken families, increased divorce & sucite rates, increased case of depression/ mental illness. It is all because our progress lacks strong foundation of moral values. We as in institute therefore, have taken an initiative to blend education and moral values, which is necessary to produce a healthy society, healthy country and a healthy tomorrow.
ACDS: Ses in origination that is always learning. Our program staff come from the field and regularly returns to the practical research and work, ensuring that programs are informed by new innovation and practice. It is our goal to share this knowledge widely to help others find fresh ideas in innovation and inspiration in solution.
The institute in dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest academic standards, and providing an inspiring educational and research experience to our students.
Our body of research and knowledge is based on the rich experience of our faculty. This makes our academic program and teaching very enriching and action-oriented. Our program is a unique blend of strategic thinking and in pragmatism in implementation. Students of ACDA are some of the most sought after-they are bright and innovative, are grounded well in both theory and practice, have a ‘can do’ attitude.
The institute is the most preferred for young students aspiring to emerge as successful Doctors and engineers.
I strongly believe, like me you would also love to enjoy the proud privilege of becoming a part of this inspiration which has witnessed glorious years of its existence. Come with us, join us and take the first step towards your quality learning ….. Don’t be afraid for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone..


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9336090015, 0522-4049166
569 K /528 Sneh nagar VIP Road, Near ICICI and Gramin Aryawart Bank Alambagh Lucknow. Pin 226005


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